About Karlsson Barock

Based in Gothenburg, Sweden, Karlsson Barock consists of 15 musicians with heartfelt ties to early music. They share a passion for the baroque era and play period instruments from the treasure trove of European Baroque composed in the 17th and 18th centuries.

Ever since their first concert in 2009, the ensemble has forged an impressive concert circuit in Gothenburg in addition to appearances throughout Sweden.

Karlsson Barock is involved in numerous exciting projects that focus on encounters between Baroque music and other artistic expressions, thereby introducing the orchestra and their audiences to new venues such as exhibition halls and former industrial buildings.

Karlsson Barock dedicates time and effort to educational projects as well, where young musicians get the chance to try early music on authentic instruments.

With their playful and inspirational interpretations of famous and lesser-known works, Karlsson Barock as a devoted fan base, that goes to hear the music come alive.